Ruffin Energy is a Petroleum Land Service Company located in Lafayette, LA.  In business since 1977, Ruffin Energy has been servicing the oil and gas industry for over 33 years, working on behalf of major oil companies and various energy investment groups.

Ruffin Energy is a land service group with staff and associates that reflect the diversity of this ever evolving business.

A Landman represents the business side of oil and gas exploration and production.  We are the people in the oil and natural gas exploration industry that determines the ownership of subsurface mineral rights and/or surface ownership. We will research the Official Public Records in the County or Parish Clerk’s office to compile a “chain of title”for leasing purposes.

The Landman locates the owners of those mineral rights and negotiates to acquire an oil and gas lease.  Once the lease is signed and a sufficient amount of land is leased into an acceptable drilling block, the Landman’s work is still not complete.  When the oil and gas exploration company is ready to drill a well at the location chosen by the company/operator, the Landman will act as a liaison between the company and the surface owner of the well site; negotiating damage settlements and purchasing pipeline rights-of-way.  A Landman often works with the mineral owner so that the minerals are developed in a timely manner.

Independent field landman service clients on a contract basis and are generally the industry’s contact with the public as they research courthouse records to determine ownership and prepare for necessary reports, locate mineral/land owners and negotiate oil and gas leases and various other agreements, obtain necessary curative documents and conduct surface inspections before drilling.  Clients also retain our services for due diligence in regard to the purchase and sale of companies and properties.

Problems sometimes arise during the primary term between the lessee and lessor that are neithers fault.  The agreements negotiated and executed in good faith are, in part, to offset any potential problems.

Ruffin Energy helps link the land and mineral owner with the oil company in such a way as to form a partnership between the two.

Ruffin Energy seeks the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities so the confidence you need to do your job is reflected in the confidence we generate in developing the company/landman relationship.